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Professional Graphic & Web Designer

Hi there! I’m Orsi, founder of Design You Need, my firts creative web design company that will help you bring your dream brand and website to life through unique and personalized brand & web designs.

My goal is to show you that bulding a brand & website can be easy and joyful when you know the right tools and you have someone holding your hand until you’re ready to own it.

I am here to teach all you need to know about brand and website building, and you can count on me to give you support when the project is done.


My story

For more than a decade now I gained experience in online marketing, e-commerce, consulting and logistics. I always felt that there is so much more in me, so much more to develop, learn and achieve.

I am constantly craving for more and I am continuously developing myself in: self-awareness, mindfulness, web design, user experience, graphic design, e-commerce, how to be of service to others, how to have a wider perspective and a higher level of understanding.

So, where did it all start?

On the summer of 2018 I was off on a great holiday in the US and the time I spent far away from home helped me figure out what is that I truly want from life and how can I imagine myself within 5-10-20 years.

My masters degree in Marketing, my degree in web design, B-school and several other web and graphic design courses lead me to start my own brand & web design business.

I like to dream big and set huge goals but I also try to be rational and play it safe. I know that becoming a successful business owner and building the right mindset takes time, so I take this very seriously every day. I stil have  my 9-5 job and I made a commitment to myself: to spend the most of my free time building my business, to learn, train, develop and earn as much experience as possible.

Besides creating amazing websites for my clients – one of my biggest accomlpishments was paying off my house loan in 2020, exactly 9 years before it would have actually ended. It all happened because of my business, and I am so grateful for it! My business thought me how to change my mindset around money, how to become more efficient, how to work smarter, how to earn more and save for the things that actually matter.


My goal

My goal is to go full-time with my business one day and dedicate my time to serving and helping more small businesses to build their brands and websites.

I believe that when great souls meet, amazing things happen and outstanding results can be achieved.

I learnt how to find passion and joy at my work and still have energy and enthusiasm in the time to work on my business after work, in the evenings, early mornings, weekends or whenever there is a slight chance. I try to take every opportunity to do things that help me achieve my goals.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs to build their unique brand and website, show them that is possible to do it without stress and enjoy every task on the way when you find the right person you can trust. I want them to learn how to dive deep to the core of their business and with the knowledge in hand build a brand and website that will represent their own goals and dreams.

These people are just like you, building their small businesses, trying to make it happen while going through the same steps, difficulties I did. On the way they probably question almost everything about themselves, the way they think, act, react, their decisions. Yet, they are always looking for their best version of themselves and they pursue it no matter what.

I believe that with my experience in marketing, e-commerce and web design I can help you accomplish your brand, webiste and business goals in a fun and easy way.

Why should you work with me?

Outstanding brands and websites

Because I know what makes an outstanding, unique brand and website, which attracts and converts your customer.

Problemsolving menthality

Because I faced several issues while creating my own and my client’s websites and I know that there is always a solution and I am willing to go until I find it.

Professional Support

Because I know how scary and lonely it can be when you start your own business. I know how much it means to find someone you trust, someone who is there for you, holds your hand and supports you on this journey.

Best Solutions For You

Because, I am passionate about helping business owners, like me. I am never too busy to help you and I find every possible way to answer your questions and find the best solutions for your business.


Because I am also building my own business and I know what it takes to bring it to life. I have my own motivations both in business and life and I work hard every day to make progress and achieve my goals.

Right Mindset

Because I know that support is not just about professional advice, but way more than that. It is about trust, guidence and connection. With the right mindset building a brand and a website becomes a joyful experience.

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