Graphic & Website Design For Your Business

My goal is to help you make the right decisions through unique and personalized designs and lead your business to rewards and success

Does this sound familiar?

  • you are building your own small business
  • you want a perfect and professional website for it
  • but you just don’t have enough time
  • or you just don’t know how to do it
  • so you are looking for someone you can trust
  • someone who understands the struggles of being an entrepreneur
  • and someone who can help you create your dream website



Website Design


For small business owners

You have a business but you need a website?Get a brand new, outstanding, converting and unique website built on your needs to attract your ideal customers.

Website Redesign


For existing websites 

Get a quick  facelift on your exsiting website without changing the structure to become a magnet for new customers and higher conversion.

E-commerce Website design


For product-based businesses

Are you selling physical or online products? Show the world your products on a trendy, well-designed e-commerce website and track your growth.


The website Orsi made for me looks great and also represents me. She has taken a lot of worries and stress that came with my old website away and had made my life much much easier. Orsi has great work ethics, does more, delivers more and she is very nice to work with. Very very patient and thats a major quality/skill.

Isa Welly

Nutritionist, Pilates & Wellness coach

Orsi has some designing secrets up her sleeve that are so easy to apply that will make you think “how come I’ve never thought about that?!” It takes the eye of a designer to know how and when to apply these tips and she definitely has that! Orsi helped me with the design of my sales page, she offered her advice, created a mock design to see how my page would look like, and helped with lots of suggestions. It’s really easy to work with her, she has a contagious positive attitude and she always has awesome ideas!

Gabriela Green

Mindfulness & Tea Meditation Coach

Working with Orsi was just a breeze. She is knowledgable and if she didn't know something she would figure out how to know it, which for me was very professional and gave me more trust in her. I felt like she cared when it came to creating my page, rather than just doing a job, she took time to make sure what she created matched the rest of my site and so this felt very personal. Her friendly manner also makes her so nice to work with. I will defo be working with her again in the future

Keeley Dann

Self-love & Relationship Coach

Orsi carried out a detailed audit on my website and wrote a 1000 word document with advice on how to improve it including marketing copy, SEO, design and my blog. She was very professional and thorough. I really appreciated her positive encouragement and useful critique. She gave me the choice to implement her advice myself or to make use of her web design expertise. I would definitely recommend her.

Niomi Lindfors

Certified Message Therapist & Yoga Teacher

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