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Every work of mine has a special story and means a lot to me.

Because of the people, their goals, dreams and because of the joy it brought me during the creation process.


Personalized website design

This project with Toma was a great example of how persitence and continuous communication will lead to a website that the customer is happy with.

Finding the right layout and design during Covid was challenging, but the end result became a website she can be proud of, use easily and upgrade with extra functionalities any time in the future.

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Brand & website design

Alejandra asked me to re-brand her Panama-based business and to upgrade her website. I really enjoyed working with her and the team because it showed me how an international company can work from multiple countries.

This project was also a 2 in 1 for me: do what I love and practice my Spanish.

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Branding & website & online shop

Lydia was looking for a full re-branding and a new e-commerce website for her business.

Her new brand identity has been designed to make her brand unique & recognizable in every platform (packaging, social media, online communication). Adding extra functionalities to the website allows her to focus on streamlining her business.

…and by the way, who doesn’t get hungry when building a website full with images like that?!

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One page website on budget

This one page website show perfectly that even a small business, who is just starting out and tight on budget can have an amazing website. 

It’secret lies in the simplicity, well choosed fonts and amazing images. With just that, Dunya got a website that already received dozens of amazing compliments on the day we launched, and that showcases herself and her business the way she imagined.

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WooCommerce website

Setting up this beta website for WooCommerce was a great way to learn and know more about selling products online.

WordPress and it’s plugins are just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. when it comes to e-commerce. You have support for everything! Even if you are looking for a cheaper version, you can play with free plugins, like I did here.

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Website Design For Small Businesses

In the a midst of pandemic one of my clients was my sister. She realized that in order to get out there and get noticed as a doctor, as dermatologist is if she offers online consultation not just in times of the lockdown, but for long term growth.

We have created a website that shows her expertese and the love she has towards her profession.

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Brand & website design

Welly’s website is a perfect example for those small businesses that are not afraid to think outside the box and  investing in a whole new website.

We have re-design her site in 2 months and ended up with an amazing, heartfelt web design that represents her passions and her business perfectly.

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Website design for a small business

I created this website as a project for a small business in Hungary. Just as the apartments and their interior this web design was also created to transfer the clean, minimalist style and to represent the swedish design they built in it.

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Landing pages

Sales page design

Keeley asked me to create a page on her existing website for the new course she is doing. In spite of just building one page it was a great challenge to learn how to match the existing design with her new concept.

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