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Every project I had with these lovely people has a special story behind it and they all mean a lot to me, because of their personality, their goals, dreams and because of the joy they brought me during the creation process.

Supporting black & african queer women

I love designing minimalistic, yet bold websites where images talk for themselves, and the vibe goes beyond a pretty appearance.

U by Lulu is a beautiful concept that became one of my dearest projects. The way Lulu is helping Black and African queer women through her own experience, shows them how to live spiritually and authentically is inspirational for women who are ready to make their dreams come true.

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Client Transformation stories

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E-commerce website

Brand & web design

One-page website

Wall of fame

Full rebrand & redesign of an online nutrition store

A Nutritionist’s Kitchen

One-page website for a yoga teacher

Practice Presence


Budget-friendly website for a food blogger

Food with Toma


Woo-commerce website for an online store – sample

Cool Store


Rebrand & redesign of an education site

Generación EPI

Website design for a dermatologist

Bőrgyógyászat Szekszárd


Brand & web design  for a Nutritionist, Pilates & Wellness Coach

Isa Welly


Stylish website for an Apartment

Style Inn Apartment


Online & print design work

The whole process was clear with easy steps to follow

From start to finish, Orsi has been nothing short than amazing. The final design of my website was better than I could have imagined. I'm a non-techie person who needed simplicity and support. Orsi ticks all the boxes. The whole process was clear with easy steps to follow. Orsi was responsive, helpful and a delight to work with. I honestly can't recommended her enough.

Dunya Ntinizi - Yoga- Ancestral Longo African Dance - Healing, Practice Presence

She made my life much easier

The website Orsi made for me looks great and also represents me. She has taken a lot of worries and stress that came with my old website away and had made my life much much easier. Orsi has great work ethics, does more, delivers more and she is very nice to work with. Very very patient and thats a major quality/skill.

Isa Welly - Nutritionist, Pilates & Wellness Coach

The best part is I’m saving time

I had been successfully self employed and working from home for several years. But I was feeling very disorganized and parts of my business were not coming to together as they should. I was wasting a lot of time juggling different, unnecessary, small tasks. With my new website I feel so much more confident with my business. I am really proud of my the new branding and the customers love it. The new website has so many great features to help my business run smoothly. Free time and flexibility were the main, original goals of self employment and working from home for me and Orsi had helped me achieve that.

Lydia Falgate - Nutrtitionists & chef, A Nutritionist's Kitchen

My team feels more confident

Our goal with the re-brand and new website was to be able to clearly communicate what we do as soon as someone landed on our web & to reduce the bounce rate.
Our calls helped me notice where my communication wasn't clear enough. With Orsi we have built an amazing relationship. She has been patient, organized and took us step by step thorugh all the process, making it much easier to re build our site.

We had great results: the bounce rate has gone down and my team feels more confident to show the web to potential clients.

Alejandra Schatzky - Chief Emotional Officer, Generación EPI

I felt like she really cared

Working with Orsi was just a breeze. She is knowledgable and if she didn't know something she would figure out how to know it, which for me was very professional and gave me more trust in her. I felt like she cared when it came to creating my page, rather than just doing a job, she took time to make sure what she created matched the rest of my site and so this felt very personal. Her friendly manner also makes her so nice to work with. I will defo be working with her again in the future.

Keeley Dann - Self Love Coach & Mentor

Impeccable attention to detail and patience

Me being not so much "website/online" person, I value in person contact more and appreciate that those calls where given in order to complete this project. I needed the guidance to follow a plan and complete tasks on time - and you made that happen.

Impeccable attention to detail and patients, are two skills that shone trough the journey we shared.

Toma Ziukaite - Private Chef, Food Stylist, Recipe Writer, Food with Toma

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