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Hi, I’m Orsi!

…and this is me before and after I was trying to look serious on this photoshoot. It almost worked…:)…yet I don’t mind sharing it because it shows how I am in real life: fun, optimistic and great to be around.

I am infusing this vibe into my business too, because I believe that things can get done faster and with a lot more ease if we have fun along the way.

If you choose to work with me, I can guarantee you the same: great talks, clarity and a long term support from a great friend, me.

My goal is…

I believe that when great souls meet, amazing things happen and outstanding results can be achieved


   …To be the expert by your side who can help you accomplish more sales, time freedom, less overwhelm in a fun and easy way.

   To help entrepreneurs build their unique brand and website, show them that is possible to do it without stress and enjoy every task on the way when you find the right expert you can trust.

   To teach them how to dive deep into the core of their business, think strategically and with the knowledge in hand build an online platform that will bring them the life they want.

   To be a long term supporter for these bussinesses, because I know how much it means to have a strong net below you when you are ready to scale higher.

   To give you an outstanding experience whether it is a one page website or a full experience brand & website package that we work on, all of my services are infused with clarity, joy and care.

Funfacts about me

I can mirror write, which means that I can write with my both hands in both directions.

When I was little there was a time when we had 15 dogs at the same time (4 adults and 11 puppies).

I learnt English, Spanish, German, Romanian, Portuguese and Russian until now. From the first 4 I have 5 langunage certificates. The last 2 were just a fling 🙂 

Why I decided to become a web & brand designer

For more than a decade now I gained experience in online marketing, e-commerce and consulting. I always felt that there is so much more in a business than selling. I wanted real connections, freedom and to give real support.

I felt like my values differed from what was expected of me at work, which lead to constant doubt of whether I am good enough. Working on no-brainer, meeting stacked tasks drained my energy and made me feel miserable in those jobs. This started to affect my health, my relationships and made me question what I believed to be true about me and my worth.

On the summer of 2018 I finally spent a few weeks far away from work & home and I finally figured out what is that I truly want from life and how can I imagine myself within 5-10-20 years.

Ever since that trip I am working towards those goals: freedom in my time, my creativity, my flexibility in doing the things I love, and working with people who value and respect me and my work.

If there was one big thing I learnt from starting my own business is that I am good enough!

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