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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services do you offer?

You can choose between 2 main services.

1. Branding & website design service is for you if you are in business for a while now, but you might have never had the time or the budget to invest in proper branding. You might have a DIY website that needs a redesign, or maybe no website at all. Choosing this service means that you are committed to making shifts in your mindset and to doing the necessary work that is required to scale and elevate your business.

This package has 2 main parts:

  • Branding: This is going to be a deep dive into your brand strategy and visual identity to elevate your business, showcase your brand, and build a lasting impression on your ideal clients.
  • Website design: With your new brand assets in hand we are going to dive deep into your website’s strategy and build you a highly converting website with user experience in mind.

2. Website design service is for those who already have their branding assets ready and are looking for a website only without the branding experience.

If you are clear on your mission, values, brand identity, you can provide selected brand fonts and colors to use while building your new website that is in alignment with your brand & business - this service is for you.

If you are not ready to dive deep into your brand's development, but still need a website, we can work that out too.  I will help you create your unique and personalized website so your business can stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

3. Brand design

This package is recommended for those who are only looking for a branding experience. We start with deep brand strategy, followed by brand identity and assets designed uniquely for your business. Collateral & logo designs can be the cherry on top – if that’s what you are looking for.

4. Graphic design service is for you if you are looking for flyers, posters, business cards, mood boards, or a new CV design for your next job interview.

You can ask these to be added to your main services, but you can also hire me for these designs individually.



Do you offer payment plans?

The Branding & Website design services requires you to pay a deposit of 35% of the total price before the project starts.

There is a payment plan for 3 months.

The Brand Design requires you to pay 50% of the total price before the project starts. 


How does the brand & web design process look like?

1. DISCOVER: First we are going to start off with a Brand Discovery Workshop where we will go deep into your brand with several questions and topics so that we can develop an authentic identity from the ground up.

02. STRATEGIZE: You’ll receive an in-depth brand strategy that outlines your brand’s character, audience, mission, competition and overall goals. A visual moodboard is also included so that we have both a verbal and visualize checkpoint before moving forward.

03. DESIGN: With all the necessary information in hand I will begin developing concepts. I take a variety of directions and with time it gets narrowed down until one concept remains. This concept is going to be the one that delivery a strong and succinct solution for your brand.

04. REFINE: My job is to make sure that what the brand created for your business resonates. Therefore, there is always room for feedback and I encourage you to be as honest and subjective as possible, always having your brand, mission and audience in mind. 

05. EXPAND: Branding always comes with one complimentary collateral item from the following list: business cards, notecard, letterhead, hang tag, two social media templates. And then if you need any other design elements (like print, packaging, and / or web design), we’ll design those at this time as well.

06. FINALIZE: Once everything is finalized and approved, you’ll receive all of the files and tools needed to successfully launch your brand into the world.


How long does a design process take?

Each design type will be different based on your needs and the complexity of the topic, but on average you can expect the following:

  • Brand and website design: ~ 12-14 weeks
  • Website Design: ~ 8-10 Weeks
  • Brand Design: ~ 4-6 weeks
  • Graphic Design: ~ 1-2 Weeks

Your prompt feedback and communication will be very important during this process, and I will strive to complete your project in a timely manner.

Do you offer support after the website is live?

I will give you my full support throughout the design process based on our contract and the scope of the project.

When the website is ready I will hand you over all files you need to manage your on sites - this also includes a video training especially prepared for your website with all tips & tricks and good to knows. So you will have a full knowledge of managing your site.

I offer 2 weeks of after go live support for those packages that include Website design.

If you believe that you won't be able to manage this on your own after this support period, I am happy to offer you additional support after the go live (training, maintenance, etc.) 


How will we communicate during the design process?

Our calls will happen on recorded Zoom sessions, while the written communication is going to be tracked in Asana, such as the whole project.

Asana is a project management tool that makes the branding and website building process a lot easier for both of us. It will allow you to keep track of every step along the way, exchange ideas and feedback at each stage of the project.

If you are not aware of this tool, don't worry, it is really easy to use and you will receive a training on how to use it. You will learn the program, how to upload files there and how to give valuable feedback.

Besides Asana, we will have several video calls at the main milestones during the project and hop on quick calls if necessary.

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