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Dunya was looking for an online space for her small business to be able to reach out to more people and generate more income. She felt overwhelmed in the beginning because of not being a tech-savvy person, but together we built her a website that showcases her expertese + she can use it easily and with confidence.

Services included in this project

One page Website design

Basic branding elements

One page layout & design

Basic branding elements

Clear user journey for better experience

Clear communication and eye-catchy visuals

Easy usage & navigation

My goal with this website was to have an online space that would be a visual resume of my business and my brand

“I was struggling to articulate my vision, but Orsi was very patient and supportive in the process. Reassuring me and guiding me through each step

“My experience with Orsi was really positive! It was lots of work, but all so valuable. I’ve learnt a lot and I will continue to keep improving thanks to this experience.”

Website design & online shop

Dunya’s website became her number one business supporter in midst of pandemic. She could finally step out into the online space, get attention and book clients online. Once going through the video trainings  she felt more confident in using her new website, and could start to focus on generating more leads and income.

The final result

Well, it turned out better than I anticipated. Having forcused tasks each week helped me expend my vision. As a result I was able to develop a detailed approach to all aspects of the website.

The calls were very useful when it comes to explaining my vision on different sections of the website. Information can sometines get lost in text messages and emails so calls allowed us to be thorough, detailled and precise. It was also nice to make changes on the spot. 

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