brand & website facelift

Generación EPI is a Panama based business working with a crucial topic that affects everyone: bullying. Working with Alejandra and her team was amazing. She asked me to do a facelift on her brand & website because they were struggling with  communicating clearly what their mission is about + they felt shame around their old website.

Services included in this project

Brand re-design

Brand strategy for long-term growth

New Brand identity for more confidence


Website design

New layout & website design for clear communication

User experience design to elevate the user journey

“We couldn’t define how to communicate what we do and how to organize the website well.

“We wanted to be able to clearly communicate what we do as soon as someone landed on our web, and to reduce the bounce rate.



I loved working with Orsi. Super organized and clear. Helped me beyond expected.

Website design & better customer experience

Alejandra’s website got a totally new skin and layout which matches her new brand strategy and mission better. We also focused on an elevated customer experience which helps her clients understand better the brand and the value they provide through their services.


The final result

The bounce rate has gone down. My team feels more confident to show the web to potential clients. With Orsi we have built an amazing relationship. She has been patient, organized and took us step by step thorugh all the process, making it much easier to re-build our site.

The calls helped me notice where my communication wasn’t clear enough.

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