Online shop brand & web design

Lydia has a UK based small business and asked me to prepare a full re-design on her online shop because she wasn’t feeling confident with it, and she felt overwhelmed with all the tasks she had to do to manage her business.

Services included in this project

Brand design

Brand strategy for long-term growth

Brand identity for more confidence

Brand collateral to support the business

Social media graphics for a killer launch


Website design

New layout & design for better user experience

Useful features to reduce time spent on tasks

Elevated product presentation for online shop

Integration with Instagram & Facebook

“I wanted a consistent, professional brand image and smooth systems to save time

All parts of my business felt very disorganized and did not come to together as they should. I was wasting a lot of time juggling different, unnecessary small tasks.

New logo & stickers for the packages

All in alignment with her brand colors – matching the ideal client by age and gender

“My experience with Orsi was really positive! It was lots of work, but all so valuable. I’ve learnt a lot and I will continue to keep improving thanks to this experience.”

Website design & online shop

Lydia’s website got a totally new skin and layout which matches her new brand strategy and clients better. We also gave amazing features to her online shop which helps her customers get an amazing experience, and for her an easy to use platform.


The final result

First of all I felt much more confident with my business as I loved the new branding (and so did my customers!) And now I’m saving time as the new website has so many great features. I’ve even had a day off midweek for the first time in a year! This flexibility was one of the original goals with working from home as a self employed person.

The calls were very useful. Orsi is always so positive and patient. She was very open to all of my ideas, even though I usually realized that her original ideas were better 🙂

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